Pre-Test Refresher Lesson Appointment

30-minute lesson, covering knowledge and skills required for the road test. This includes the FLHSMV road test required to obtain a driver's license.

Pre-Test Refresher Lesson:
This lesson is encouraged for students who already possess the minimum skills and ability of a safe driver yet would like a refresher on the test elements or simply want practice to rid test anxiety. This lesson covers all five maneuvers required to pass the test as well as a review of basic traffic laws and signs.

This lesson does not guarantee a student to pass the test; however, the chances of passing the test greatly improve after this lesson.

If a student takes the pre-test refresher and fails the test, a retest will be administered as soon as possible at no extra cost.

Road Test:

The road test is the same skills test administered by the DMV. Applicants are evaluated on their ability to control the vehicle and obey traffic laws and signs. Additionally, applicants are required to conduct five maneuvers:

  • Straight-In Parking

  • Parking on a Hill

  • Quick Stop

  • Backing

  • Turnabout (3-Point Turn)

Test results are electronically submitted to the DMV immediately after the exam. If an applicant fails a test, he or she must wait at least 24 hours before the next attempt.

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